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Uniting The Planet

Wild Idea Research & Development


The ‘Stake Your Reputation Protocol’, or SYRP, is a ‘social-validation’ protocol for processing peer-to-peer transactions, and persisting the state of those transactions across a network of loosely trusted nodes (members)

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Hidden Figures Game

The Hidden Figures iOS/Android Social Benefit Interactive Trivia Quiz gamifies end-user token acquisition by creating a fun and engaging way to learn about heretofore largely unknown innovators and change agents who´s contributions to society have not been adequately recognized while also introducing them to blockchain technology and financial literacy..

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WIRD Social Benefit Coins

The WIRD Social Benefit Coin is the digital currency for expanding the organic reach of content, products and services throughout the Wild Idea Research & Development (WIRD) social benefit ecosystem, that will include protocols, games and the Weirdworld Social Network and Marketplace. 

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“WeirdWorld, our planned Social Network and Marketplace, is partially based on game theory utilizing WIRD Social Benefit Coins for users to receive rewards, initially by playing social benefit games, and staking their reputation (SYRP) on the great persons, organizations, educational institutions, and companies who will through their good behavior and active participation add value to the eco-system.”

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Today’s students are
Tomorrow’s leaders.


"Uniting the Planet" 

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"Things do not change, We change.

                                          - Henry David Thoreau

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