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Wild Idea Research and Development or WIRD (pronounced ‘weird’) was conceived out of the notion people want to do good, not just for themselves, but for others in their community and around the world.

When people say something is “weird”, it usually means they think it is different or strange, that it might not only stand out from the crowd but entirely apart from it as well; this in essence is who we are.

We strive to stand apart from the other online platforms in distinct ways by encouraging actual community and by providing a means for people to get involved in real world causes. As a  public benefit company (PBC), WIRD PBC offers a suite of products that not only compliment one another, but are also the embodiment of what we are about.

Fundamental to these ideals are three foundational beliefs:

  1. People should be EMPOWERED. The truism “talk is cheap” seems especially true in our digital age. We believe users can be the change they want to see in the world and we want to empower–and partner with–them to effect social good.

  2. People should have OWNERSHIP. People should get a say in how, or whether, companies share their data and be compensated accordingly.

  3. People should be able to hold each other ACCOUNTABLE. We are seeking to create a real, online community. This means members of our community are both rewarded and held accountable for how they interact with others.

Simply put, we are focused on increasing the empathetic behavior of our users and their offline and online active participation in social benefit activities.

Our Work

WIRD, PBC is actively working on a number of products, including games, currency exchanges, and the WIRD World social network and marketplace.

While each of these projects may appear disparate, each product dovetails with the other to build an ecosystem of exchange between each of the products and those who use our products.

Our products include:

  • WIRD World

  • WIRD Social Benefit Token

  • Undiscovered Story Game

  • Several change-making protocols

Our Community

We are working to build a community with the individual user as its top priority while still benefiting those publishers and advertisers who want to increase authentic (genuine) participation and engagement in their content offerings.