OCT 6th, 2018 Update! The Undiscovered Story game (formerly known as the Hidden Figures game) is being developed utilizing a Hybrid blockchain approach utilizing the Stellar blockchain payment system and should be released the end of November 2018. Official announcments coming soon.


Undiscovered Story
"Learn & Earn" 
Cryptocurrency Game

Why?  Collaborative and interactive applications designed to catalyze social impact through digital gaming.  WIRD’s games initiative is focused on empowering those individuals and communities disenfranchised from the world economy, while concurrently building a tangible asset for the company with an active user base. 

As the marketplace for distributed ledgers like Blockchain matures, many of the commercial products and services these technologies enable are suffering from ineffective and overly complicated on-boarding procedures that negatively impact customer acquisition and retention.

Unless "Blockchain" products are easy to use, demonstrate clear value and provide unprecedented accountability, transparency and trust, mass adoption will not happen.



After you have tested the very simple prototype, and if enough persons like the idea by voting yes, we plan to build the fully functional game.  500,000 invitees will receive an initial balance of free Undiscovered Story Game Tokens to play the game.

The first release of the game will teach people about past and present girls and women, and the important contributions that have gone largely unknown in mainstream society around the world as well as introduce you to cryptocurrency, blockchain and financial literacy in a fun and easy way.

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Respect the MOCA

Mobile Casual Gamers Are 200 Million Strong but Largely Ignored.

As of March 2018, mobile games (which are largely casual) brought in $50 billion in annual revenue, $10 billion more than Hollywood’s global box office. Women are now the most valuable players in this category — they play more and pay more, representing 60 percent of all mobile gamers.

Undiscovered Story Game. 

Undiscovered Story is a planned Web, Mobile iOS/Android and web-based trivia “learn and earn” game for Social Benefit where players are rewarded with crypto-currencies for each correct answer.

Trivia questions are meant to test participant’s knowledge on local and global change agents; individuals whose work brings about positive social change, economic justice and ecological sustainability and more.

The game will also educate the public about financial literacy, cryptocurrency, blockchain, and DLT in a fun, easy and engaging way.  It is being designed to support and empower players to be global agents of positive change

of an Undiscovered Story. The Forgotten Women Who Helped Win the Space Race. As America stood on the brink of a Second World War, the push for aeronautical advancement grew ever greater, spurring an insatiable demand for mathematicians. Women were the solution.

New questions and micro-posts will be published on a regular basis to keep the game fresh and continue to help spread the word about Undiscovered Stories doing important work in education, health, food security, alternative energy, alternative lending, financial literacy and more.

Our approach is simple. Every registered user is given a wallet with a predetermined amount of free cryptocurrency. For every correct answer, a user is rewarded with a deposit of cryptocurrency into their wallet.

When players choose the incorrect answers, a portion of any rewards are also deducted from the user’s wallet, and evenly distributed to a network of verified charities operating around the world utilizing a smart contract..

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