WIRD Coin Airdrop


The WIRD Social Benefit Coin is the digital currency for expanding the organic reach of content, products and services throughout the WIRD PBC ecosystem, that will include protocols, games and the Weirdworld Social Network and Marketplace. Coins are also vitally important for the network infrastructure (scalability, bandwidth, storage, “mining”), continuous developments and improvements, legal, accounting and operations.

Our *Airdropped cryptocurrency, will be offered as grants (donated), or investments to non-profit organization, companies and to persons who have an on-going commitment to building a more just, diverse and inclusive world.

While the incumbents are focused more narrowly in creating incentives for participation, we’re focused on increasing the empathetic behavior of our users and their offline and online active participation in social benefit activities.

Our invite only and referral network based upon on the SYRP protocol requires all participants to vouch for one another.


We will offer users reputation/reward points for bringing people in as well as providing additional benefits when those individuals they referred engage in pro-social behaviors to improve society and their own reputational score.

Our driving mission is to empower users to be the change the world has been thirsting for, in a safe, secure space, where they are in complete control of their information.  They own their data.  They decide what they want to share or if they want to share anything. They are rewarded if they do. 

We will build our community with the individual user as its top priority while still benefitting those publishers and advertisers who want to increase authentic (genuine) participation and engagement in their content offerings.

Recipients will be required to agree to certain community standards and conditions, as well as an commitment to share our projects to social media and through their network of contacts.


“You can also talk about airdrops and decentralized product launches and all of these ideas which are innovations in fundraising.”
- Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum founder on July 18th, 2018
600 x 586 Final WIRD Liberty Equality Truth Coin.jpg

Our WIRD ERC20 Social Benefit Coin has already been successfully tested on the Ropsten Testnet, where we Airdropped 198,000,000 coins for a total Ethereum gas cost of less than $6.