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Co-founder Gregory Kennedy

Gregory has co-founded several startups over the past 15 years. He has been involved in the Cryptocurrency and Blockchain space since 2012 while living in Vienna, Austria when he first learned about Ripple and Ethereum. He is the creator of the WIRD Social Benefit Coin ERC20 Smart Contract, the Undiscovered Story "Earn and Learn" Cryptocurrency Game & the Social Benefit Blockchain Protocol Stack ideas. He is a blockchain consultant, former Silicon Valley Co Unix & Linux Engineering Systems manager as well as a former Commodities + Options arbitrage and broker (CBOT).

Gregory has developed and managed media, technology, and education projects in Uganda, Tanzania, and Europe with and for Dr. Jane Goodall, and for and with Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh in France, Germany, and the USA. He has been invited to speak on United Nations panels in New York and Vienna, at Stanford University and at the Googleplex in Mountainview Calif. Linkedin

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Co-founder Noam dromi

Noam Dromi is the President and co-founder of WIRD PBC and Legion of Creatives (LOC). LOC’s recently produced episodes for the “Walking Dead" franchise , has earned them an Emmy Award nomination in July 2018. Noam is an Emmy award winner and an writer/producer, marketing executive, digital strategist and cross platform content expert and educator, Mr. Dromi regularly works with leading media companies, consumer brands and NGOs.

He co-wrote and co-produced the Warner Bros/Alcon Entertainment Dolphin Tale franchise starring Harry Connick Jr & Ashley Judd. The films have grossed over $150 million at the worldwide box officeLinkedin.

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CTO Justin Smith phd

He is a scientist, a software engineer, economist, artist, social psychologist, and a fintech revolutionary.

He has spent the last 20 years working to address issues related to social justice and climate change using and now is combining blockchain, DLT and artificial intelligence to construct a new financial system, one that values people, the environment, and scientific advancement.

He holds a Masters degree in International Development Economics from St. Marys University. Justin completed his PhD in 2013 at WSU. His doctoral research focused on the influence of ethical value in driving consumer decision making. Justin was awarded a postdoctoral fellowship at Cornell University funded by the EPA. Linkedin